The Small Business Rebuild 

Bond Program

At the SMBX, we are more prepared than ever to support small businesses in our communities by announcing our new Small Business Rebuild Bond Program, which will run in tandem with our regular Small Business Bond™ Program.

What is it?

Small business loans to temporarily offset the adverse impact of the Coronavirus. This funding comes directly from the community instead of traditional banks. 

For $0 cost, you can raise $100K* or less by issuing bonds on the SMBX.

*If you would like to raise more than $100K, please contact us to hear more about our regular Small Business Bond program.

Turnaround for funds to be distributed for your small business will take 5 to 6 weeks.

Who can participate?

  • Small businesses that are immediately seeking up to $100,000 in low-interest loans. They will be able to issue short-term Bonds to their community.

  • Private citizens, as well as city, county, and state governments are able to quickly support small businesses in their communities by lending them low-interest money through buying their Bonds and earning principal and interest monthly.

If you are a 

small business

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If you are interested 

in investing

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1. For $0 cost, raise $100K* or less by issuing bonds on the SMBX.

2. Interest rates at or below SBA loans with no private lending fees.

*If you would like to raise more than $100K, please contact us to hear more about our regular Small Business Bond program.

How it works

The SMBX marketplace connects small businesses with investors, which allows you to bypass the bank and sell bonds directly to the general public. This reduces your borrowing costs and provides you the opportunity to raise capital and gain customers at the same time.

1.     Your community invests in your business and will earn consistent returns that would normally go to a bank.

2.     By investing, your community can help you raise funds to cover short term losses while lowering your long term costs by reducing your interest rate.

3.     The money stays within your local community, benefiting residents and small business owners.

Schedule a time to ask us questions


Complete the qualification form below and chat with us about your business and funding needs. 

We’ll review your eligibility and will complete and submit all the necessary documents to governing bodies. 

All you have to do is review and sign.


We use online and offline tools to market your bond offering to the right investors, which will gain you new customers in the process.


At the successful close of your offering, confirm the outcome and direct us where to transfer your funds. You receive your capital and your new investors receive their bonds.


  • You make monthly payments, just like a fixed term loan.

  • We distribute those payments to your investor pool.

  • Investors earn principal and interest monthly, just like a bank.

Find out if you qualify


  1. At least 2 years of operating history
  2. Raising a minimum of $25K, maximum $100K
  3. 2 years of consistent or growing revenue (positive net income)
  4. Must earn at least $100,000 in revenue within the last year to qualify
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